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About us

Welcome to Retail Merchandising Headquarters!

Retail Merchandising can be a very rewarding and gratifying job industry to work in. It's a field in where the right experience and skills can help you build a very successful career if that's your goal. Not only is retail merchandising a wonderful field to get into, there are usually countless job openings for retail merchandisers out there - usually offering flexible work schedules!

Why is that?

  • The demand for great retail merchandisers is outweighing the amount of quality retail merchandisers actually out there. Countless companies are all fishing in the same small pond looking for help.
  • The retail merchandising knowledge of exisiting retail merchandisers is not always that strong. There are some amazing retail merchandisers out there, but unfortunately there are also a lot that never received proper training, and therefore have picked up some bad habits along the way.
  • The field of retail merchandising is not widely known. It’s difficult to turn that small pond into an ocean of qualified candidates when the field seems to be so hidden. Ask 5 friends what “POG” stands for in the world of merchandising, and I’m willing to bet most will have no clue!

And so in 2017, RMHQ was born to solve this problem!

What is our MISSION?

  • To introduce job seekers new to retail merchandising to all of the great benefits retail merchandising has to offer

    , like in most cases it’s flexibility around their schedules!
  • To provide you with top-notch / elite retail merchandising training and certification

    , so retail merchandising companies will want to hire you!
  • To provide you with a Retail Merchandiser Resume Board

    , so you can promote yourself, sit back, and allow recruiters to find you!
  • To grant you access to our Retail Merchandising Company Job Board

    , where you can search for / apply to existing job openings from numerous different companies looking for educated retail merchandisers!
  • To create an online retail merchandising social community and resource center

    to new, aspiring, and experienced retail merchandisers!

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently a student in school, a parent, unemployed, retired, or even have another job - there are a wide range of unique opportunities in the field of retail merchandising for you to explore!

Simply put - Retail Merchandising Headquarters is here to train, certify, and then connect YOU with a retail merchandising job that fits your needs, while providing the #1 retail merchandiser online community and resource center in the world.

Sound interesting? Click below to get started!

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