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Working on a retail merchandising team

If working by yourself most days doesn’t seem appealing, perhaps you’d like working on a merchandising team! - (IE: reset / remodel team). Some of the benefits of working on a merchandising team are…

  • Consistency - Usually you’ll receive the same hours per week, working in the same group of stores with the same team members and team leader, completing the same type of work.
  • Team Environment – If there are challenges while working, you have people there who can help.
  • Social Interaction – You may find yourself becoming good friends with some of your team members.

If you do decide to take a position on a retail merchandising team, here are some tips to remember that will help you be successful…

  1. Arrive on time - Arriving late consistently will definitely get you in hot water. Always make sure you give yourself enough room in the morning to be able to get to the store on time. If you are running late however, make sure you let your team leader and supervisor know asap.
  2. Stay professional - If any issues transpire between yourself and another team member, team leader, store associate, or even a customer, you should contact your direct supervisor for guidance and assistance. Always keep your cool and stay professional on the job regardless of the conflict.
  3. Focus - Don’t be a distraction to other team members, nor get distracted by them while working. It’s okay to socialize as long as your primary focus stays on the job tasks at hand. If it doesn’t, you will run the risk of either making mistakes or not finishing your jobs in time.
  4. Stay out of drama - Gossiping can create future tension and issues on your team. The most successful team members focus on their work, while staying professional and friendly.
  5. Be helpful - Whether it’s a customer or another team member, be willing to help anyone needing assistance.
  6. Communicate - When working with others, good communication is extremely important. Come up with game plans before starting resets together, resolve issues together, and support / help each other.
  7. Follow Team Leader Directives - Though your team leader may not technically be your supervisor, it’s important to understand that they are in charge of the team you’re on. Because of this, you will need to follow their leadership & instructions each day.
Reliability is important for a retail merchandiser

Every great team has a great team leader. If you work your way up into a team leader position, here are some valuable tips that will help you run a smooth and successful merchandising team…

  • Know your team – Get to know their strengths and weaknesses, while trying to help improve their weaknesses.
  • Have a game plan – Always prepare in advance for the day. Figure all of the below out in advance so when your team arrives they can jump right in.
    • How many sets need to be completed today?
    • How much time will certain tasks take?
    • Which team members should work on certain sets / sections?
    • How should other job tasks be designated?
    • What’s the most efficient way to complete certain tasks?
  • Lead by example – Show your team why you’re their leader by working with them side-by-side in completing the tasks.
  • Keep the store clean – Make sure your team always keeps the aisles clean, (IE: no trash on the floor, no carts in the way of customers, no product on the floor, no tools left unattended, etc.).
  • Stay Professional – You’re their leader. It’s your job to always keep your composure and stay professional when interacting with you team. This also includes treating everyone equally and fairly.
  • Establish Clear Communication Lines – As a team leader, it’s important you are clearly communicating important issues, questions, and situations with all parties that need to be made aware, (IE: direct supervisor, store management, team members’ supervisors, etc.).
  • Empower your team – Train your team, but then have the confidence / trust in them to complete their tasks without the need of you micromanaging them. However you should always verify the work was done 100% correctly once finished. As Ronald Regan famously said – “Trust, but verify.”
  • Resolve conflicts – As a team leader, it’s your job to keep your team on track. If conflicts arise, nip them in the bud quickly and move on. If you leave issues unresolved, they more than likely will grow into larger issues down the road. Remind your team of what their goals are, and give them the clear direction & tools to be able to focus and accomplish those goals.

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