RMHQ Certification Test

Retail Merchandising HQ E-book

Show the merchandising companies you apply for jobs at that you possess the knowledge they desire! Take the the free RMHQ Certification test HERE.

  • You will have 2 free attempts available to you.
  • The test has 60 questions and needs to be completed within 60min.
  • It's very important you review all of the educational articles in the LEARN! section prior to attempting the test.
  • We have a downloadable/printable pdf RMHQ Certification training E-Book you can purchase to help you prepare if you'd like (optional).
  • Once you complete your test, you will be given your unique RMHQ certification code.
  • If you passed the test, make sure to include your unique RMHQ certification code in your profile, along with when you apply to jobs on our job board
  • The direct link to the RMHQ Certification Test is: test.retailmerchandisinghq.com

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