What are Resets?

What is a reset in retail?

A reset is the process of rearranging store items of a section or a display to match a store Plan-O-Gram, (POG). The purpose is to “refresh” the section, (IE: introduce new items, remove items not selling, and rearrange items on the shelf).

A "POG" is a basically a blueprint or diagram showing you exactly where on store shelves or displays items should to be placed. A Plan-O-Gram will commonly have a visual computerized picture or drawing of what the section should look like, as well as written directions that show more specific details.

Think about the creamer section of your local supermarket as an example. I’m sure you’ve noticed this creamer section is constantly evolving. Why is that? These constant changes occur when:

  • An Item isn’t selling well, so a store chooses not to carry that item anymore, (“discontinue” it), therefore that item will need to be removed and the section then adjusted.
  • Manufactures choose to pull items from store shelves that they feel are underperforming, and at the same time, replace those items with different / new items.
  • Manufactures pay more money to have their items in better section locations, (IE: on customer eye-level shelves), therefore the section items need to be rearranged to accommodate.

Some resets may be very minor and quick, while others may be major and time-consuming. However, the basics on how to perform an actual reset are generally the same, regardless of the complexity.

Before you can perform a reset though, you first need to understand how to read a Plan-O-Gram. Plan-O-Gram formats will vary depending on the store chain.

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