Retal Merchandising surveys

Merchandise is constantly being displayed in different ways in order to sell better. Because of this, changes in the actual sections the merchandise is being displayed in will occur. Some examples of changes that could take place are:

  • Product section sizes increasing or decreasing in footage.
  • Product sections gaining rows or losing rows of shelving.
  • Product sections switching to different types or colors of shelving.
  • Product sections incorporating POS/POP and/or fixtures.

Retail surveys are needed prior to these changes occurring so the retailer and/or manufacturer can compare key information about how the items are currently merchandised with their existing data. Some common survey information that may be needed are:

  • Measurement data such as shelving, section, and/or aisle dimensions.
  • Shelving data such as the number of shelves in a section, what color they are, and/or what type they are.

Survey example:

Completing a retail merchandising survey

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