stocking in retail

Stocking is a basic job task, however it’s one of the most important ones in retail. If the product is not on the shelf it can’t sell! Here are some general tips and techniques on how to properly stock product onto store shelves…

  1. If working in a supermarket, always stock Dairy and Frozen prior to Grocery or HBC, (Health and Beauty), unless directed otherwise.
  2. Never leave Frozen items or Dairy items on the sales floor for over 30min. After two hours in room temperature these items can perish.
  3. Use a shopping cart, U-Boat, or another type of cart to bring stock to the sales floor.
  4. When placing stock on the U-Boats or carts, try to group like items / same-aisle items together, (IE: If stocking items for multiple aisles, try to group same-aisle products together so you don’t need to navigate back and forth between the same aisles).
  5. Have a separate cart for trash and cardboard. Keep plastic separate from the cardboard in the child-seat portion of the cart.
  6. Use a box-cutter to open up boxes of stock very carefully. Always cut away from your body when using a box-cutter.
  7. Break down the empty cardboard boxes and place them flat in your cart. Using your hands as opposed to a box-cutter to break down the boxes saves time!
  8. Before placing an item onto the shelf, double check the item UPC code to make sure it matches the item shelf tag UPC code.
  9. Check the shelf tag to confirm the number of facings the item should have.
  10. Correct any voids or facing errors that exist in the section.
  11. Straighten out existing product on the shelf where needed prior to stocking the new product.
  12. When stocking product that has expiration dates / sell-buy dates, make sure you’re rotating.
    • Quickly remove existing product on the shelf, place the new product in the back, and then place the existing product you originally removed back onto the shelf in front.
    • Quickly look at the expiration dates of the existing product when striping from the shelf, and permanently remove any expired items from the shelf.
    • If you notice any damaged items, permanently remove those items as well from the shelf.
  13. Don’t hide overstock on the shelf next to that item. Simply box that overstock up accordingly.
  14. Once done stocking an item, face off the item by pulling the first couple of items on the shelf to the very front, aligning them with the edge of the front of the shelf.
    • For “bags” make sure they don’t looked squished. You want to give them that “full” look.
  15. Product shelf tags should left-align with the 1st facing of an item.
  16. If any product is dusty or dirty, quickly clean it with your duster or a paper towel.
  17. Once finished stocking…
    • Dispose of your cardboard in the store’s cardboard baler.
    • Dispose of your plastic in the store’s barrel for recycled plastic.
    • Throw any trash you have away.
    • Label your overstock boxes – usually by aisle #, or if DSD - by Vendor.
    • Place any overstock in it’s correct designated location in the back room. If you’re not sure, ask the receiver or dept. manager.
    • Place any expired or damaged items in their designated location in the back room.
stocking in retail

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