Peg Board Resets

Peg board resets

Peg board resets commonly rely more on the drawing / photo of the POG, so you can visually see where the product should go. The products are also usually labeled by numbers on the POG.

Here are some tips on how to perform a peg board reset…

  1. Work left to right starting at the top-left corner of the peg board, working your way down after you complete each row.
  2. If it’s a major peg board reset, sometimes it’s easier to strip entire rows of pegs in order to create workable space.
  3. When stripping pegs with product on them, keep the product on the pegs with the item tags, and neatly place the pegs in shopping baskets or milk crates in a way where the product won’t fall off.
  4. Always keep the item tags with the pegs that you strip.
  5. As you’re resetting the peg board, you want to make sure all products fit nicely, and that you are providing the proper amount of spacing per the POG. It’s like putting a puzzle together!

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