POS/POP Setups

Point of Purchase, (POP), Point of Sales, (POS)

Point of Purchase / Point of Sale setups are a HUGE part of retail merchandising. These materials are used to highlight merchandise for sale by making the items more appealing or attractive to the customers so they will be drawn to them and hopefully BUY THEM!

Examples of common types of POP materials are:

  • Various advertising signage, (IE: Header cards / toppers, shelf blades, shelf strips, etc.).
  • Product stickers.
  • Coupons such as IRCs, (Instant Redeemable Coupons).

Installing POP materials is usually very simple. Some general tips are:

  • Have tools available in case any clips need to be installed to a shelf, (clips a lot of times are needed to hold POP signage in place).
  • Follow the directions provided very carefully. Manufactures usually have very specific expectations on where and how POP should be setup.
  • Keep in mind the purpose of why you’re performing this task – to help the product(s) sell better!
  • Pay attention to the little details when installing POP. Visual presentation is pivotal!

Examples of common POS –

  1. A Product Sticker advertising features of an item.
  2. A Shelf Sign advertising a brand item.
  3. A Shelf Blade advertising a promotion.
  4. A Header Card advertising products.
  5. An IRC, (Instant Redeemable coupon), sticking to an item.
  6. A Promotional Sign advertising a sale.
  7. A Display Topper advertising a product promotion.
  8. A Product Standee advertising an item.
Examples of POS / POP

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