New Item Cut-Ins

New item cut-ins

When manufactures create new items, they want to get those new items on store shelves as soon as possible, (“speed-to-shelf”), so it can sell! Timing is crucial as most times manufactures like to run ad campaigns, (IE: TV / Radio commercials), promoting their new items. These ad campaigns cost a lot of money so it’s extremely important their new items are on store shelves prior to these ad campaigns launching. NOTE: New item cut-ins are not full resets - they are quick adjustments to a section or display, with the goal of getting new items cut into that section quickly.

Here are some tips on how to properly cut-in new items…

  1. Locate the new items that need to be cut into the shelf or display. Most stores will have a special designated area in the back room where they store their new items.
  2. Locate the section of the store where the new items are supposed to be cut into.
  3. If you have a Plan-O-Gram for the section, review your POG to find where the new items are supposed to be placed.
  4. In order to be able to place the new items on the shelf, you need to make space for it. This is accomplished by one of, or both, of the following ways:
    • By removing discontinued items from the section per the POG.
    • By cutting down the facings of another item or items of the section per the POG.
  5. If you don’t have a POG and you need to cut down facings of another item, make sure that item is made by the same manufacturer as the new item you’re cutting in.
  6. Once you create your space, adjust the section as needed in order to move the “hole(s)” you created to the location on the POG in where the new item(s) should be placed into.
    • This usually requires sliding or moving existing product along with its shelf tags.
  7. Make sure a new item tag is created and placed on the shelf for every new item that you cut-in.
  8. Don’t leave any holes in the section if discontinued items were removed.
    • Use the POG as a guide, or if you don’t have a POG - expand facings on an item or items.
  9. Face off the new item(s) that you cut in.
New Item cut-ins

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