Job Tasks - Introduction

Retail Merchandising job tasks introduction

There are a wide range of job tasks associated with retail merchandising. These next several pages will take you through the most common ones in detail so you can be confident and successful on Day 1!

If I had to choose TWO key tips for you to keep in mind before you start any type of job task, they would be:


    – You want to make sure you have an efficient and smart plan of attack prior to jumping into any task. How can you complete the objective in the fastest, most efficient way possible?

    – Take the extra time to work as neat and organized as possible. Taking these extra steps will help you complete the job quicker, more smoothly, and with less potential of making errors. Making careless mistakes can be a huge time consumption!

Remembering these two tips before performing any of the job activities you are about to learn about will pay off for you in a big way!

merchandising introduction

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