Retail Merchandising Job Activities

 Retail Merchandising Job Activities

There are many different types of retail merchandising job tasks that you may encounter as an RSM / RCM.

Common Retail Merchandising job tasks include…

  • Stocking – Process of filling store shelves or displays with product for sale, (stock).
  • Facing -Off – Process of moving the first few products on a shelf or display to the front, to give the appearance that the shelves are fully stocked. This is also known as “blocking".
  • Product Rotation – Process of placing product with the earliest expiration or sell-by dates to the front of the shelf so they will sell first. A common term for this is “FIFO”, (First in / First out).
  • Item Tag Updates – Process of replacing current/outdated product price tags with new/updated prices tags.
  • Display Building – Process of putting together a product “display” that will hold / present items in an attractive way for customers to see so they are drawn to buy them, (Types of displays built may include Cardboard cut-outs, metal racks, endcaps, counter displays, etc.).
  • Store Remodels – Process of moving entire sections of product to other locations within a store, usually while following plan-o-grams.
  • Point of Purchase Setups, ("POP") – Also known as Point of Sale setups, (“POS”). It’s the process of highlighting product for sale to make the merchandise more attractive for the customer. This is done in various different ways, (IE: advertising signage, header cards, product displays, merchandising fixtures, coupons, (IRCs), etc.).
  • Shelf / Display Resets – Process of rearranging various products in a store section or display to maximize sales. This is usually done when new product needs to be placed in the section, and discontinued product needs to be taken out. This is accomplished by following a Plan-O-Gram.
  • New item Cut-ins – Process of “cutting in” new products into a store section or display. This is usually done by cutting down the “facings” of other products to make room, or by removing discontinued items from the set completely.
  • Retail Audits – Process of verifying product information within a store, (IE: checking to make sure a new item has been properly cut-in / placed on store shelves to sell).
  • Retail Surveys – Process of gathering key/specific information within a store, (IE: taking section height and width measurements).
  • Retail Distribution – Process of getting merchandise into a store, (IE: ordering product that is out of stock).
  • Taking Inventory – Also known as “stock-taking”, is the process of counting / verifying the exact number of item(s) that are in a store location.
  • Cross-Merchandising – Process of pairing product from different categories together in an effort to better attract customers, (IE: A display of BBQ sauce near a frozen meat coffin case).
  • Distribution Void Corrections – Process of making sure all merchandise keeps their established “homes” on a shelf or display. Sometimes item tags can fall /get ripped off a shelf by accident, which in-turn could lead to a product’s placement location vanishing from the shelf completely.
  • Product / Event Demonstrator – Process of setting up and hosting product demonstrations within store locations.
  • Tech-related retail merchandising – Process of completing tech-related retail merchandising activities such as computer software installs, computer/electronic-related display setups, etc, (IE: printers, computers, tablets, cameras, etc.).

Retail Merchandising job tasks

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